Want to Feel More Excitement about Your Life?

25 May 2010, by michelle in Featured, personal development, Stress

Don’t you love the feeling of excitement running through your body.  You are optimistic, ready to move forward and utilize that energy within you to make things happen.  This is actually the purpose of excitement – to propel you forward!

Believe it or not, your fear is the same energy as excitement.  The only difference is that your ego has taken a hold of the energy and turned it into what you recognize as fear.  You know the ego is involved with fear because you’ll feel weighed down, uncertain, scared, anxious or sad. 

From an emotional consciousness standpoint, you recognize the true purpose to your fears.  They are present to alert you that you are buying into an ego message.  Congratulations – just recognizing this is a huge step forward!

Now, to transmute the fear into the energy of excitement, all you need to do is understand the underlying message of the ego.

When this happens to me, I turn to my feelings to help me uncover the truth. Nothing is better than recognizing sadness as loving guidance for you to get the clarity you need.  What I love about feeling every emotion as love is that the process allows you to get very specific as to what is your vulnerable spot that the ego is trying to protect. 

mountain thinkingYour sadness supports you to gain clarity and see the truth to the matter rather than the false story of your ego.   Fear is then transformed back to excitement because the energy that you have given to your ego is now reverted back to your essence.  When your essence is free to do what it came here to do, you will be blown away at your ability to move mountains!  That is the energy that awaits you!!

What this means for you is to begin to see each and every fear as opportunity.  The opportunity is to understand where, why and how your energy is leaking toward your ego.  The time has come to reclaim that energy back to serving you and utilizing your excitement to even more deeply claim what fulfills you.

The good news is that fear is a normal part to growth.  I feel it all the time and I utilize my fear to support me to reach my desires.  You can too!

Begin by reminding and stating to yourself of the following:

“Each time I feel fear, it is an opportunity for me to expand and own more of my personal power and truth.”

You and only you can make the decision if you are going to use fear to transform you or keep you stuck.  Your fate is in your hands!  Now that is something to feel excited about – you have the choice to claim all of your potential!

 Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • Karen


    This fear and opportunity connection is huge for me right now. I am about to go through a divorce and it is so fearful to divide up time with the children, especially when my kids don’t feel emotionally safe with their dad and just all the unknowns. I believe what you say because of the progress I have made and the ability to look back and see the growth. “The test is first, the lesson is afterward” is a hard mantra to follow when you’re in the middle of the test!