[VIDEO] Could this be the root of your EXHAUSTION?

20 Oct 2017, by michelle in Well-Being, Women

If you are:


  • – More of a giver than a taker
  • – The go-to person people turn to when they are struggling,
  • – Putting your needs second, third, fourth….last


Then this video is for you!

While you already know about balance, presence, and putting on your oxygen mask first, it’s easier said than done.

In this video, I’m going to share with you what may be going on subconsciously that could be at the root of your exhaustion.

Plus, I’ll share with you your next step to shift this internal block so that you can create even greater fulfillment and happiness in your life.


Watch here:

Exhausted Video


What I know for a fact is, while many of us have been set up to subconsciously struggle, you don’t have to remain that way.

Your subconscious adjusted to your environment when you were young. It was survival, but you CAN rewire those unconscious beliefs.

Here’s my motto:

When you’ve tried and tried, it’s time to look inside!


If you would like to join me to look inside and understand your specific subconscious blocks and how to rewire them to match your desires, you should check out my Emotional Design Program here:

Now is the best time to join, as you’ll receive most opportunities for personal support and who couldn’t use that when it comes to making the unconscious blocks conscious and permanently transformed?!?


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