Understanding the fear of speaking from an emotional consciousness viewpoint

16 Mar 2010, by michelle in personal development, Stress

Hi Michelle,

I have been following you and I want you to know it is an honor to be connected.   I live in India and inspire to become big. I have everything in me but two things stop me to attain my aspirations. First, I have a fear of public speaking that holds me back like anything. For last 5 years I have been trying to overcome the same but I still find me struggling with words and my thoughts when it comes to public speaking. The second problem is that after trying hard for anything I find myself deviating from that thing. I basically lack dedication. I read your page and thought to mail you. Hope you reply back and your suggestions help me.

 speaking podium

Dear Sumit,


Let’s get a clear understanding about what fear is about from an emotional consciousness standpoint.  Fear is the voice of your ego.  Your essence/spirit/inner voice (whatever you prefer to call it) is the part of you that has aspirations to share your message.  Also, what you call a “lack of dedication” is also the voice of your ego.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are simply allowing your ego to win because even though you work hard toward a goal, there is a part of you that fears the outcome. 

Right now your ego is winning, which indicates to me a very important aspect that you need to address.  You don’t believe enough in your essence.  There is a part of you that does but it isn’t enough because your ego is still winning.  You need to write down and give your rational mind and ego proof of what you have accomplished. 


Most importantly you need to continue to develop a deeper relationship that honors your inner voice more than you do the messages of your ego.  How do you demonstrate to your spirit that you listen, love and care for this vital aspect of you?  If you don’t or you push this part of you around with putting everything else in front of your spirit, you cannot expect your spirit to be strong enough to overcome your ego when you try to attain a goal.  Your fear will always be there as you evolve and grow.  You demonstrate your spirit is ready to make that leap when you essences is properly fueled by love and respect by you.  Then your spirit is more powerful and sees the truth to your fears.

Lastly, you are overly judgmental of yourself.  Maybe not in all areas but certainly when it comes to your career.  Remind yourself that every time you critique yourself, you diminish your relationship with your essence.  I would suggest seeking support that guides you to recognize the voice of your ego and tune into more the voice that your spirit sings.

Sending you much love on your journey!

Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,


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