Three Common Sabotaging Beliefs Within Your Relationship

04 Nov 2013, by michelle in Uncategorized

couple arguingWomen are often the barometers of a relationship.

This is for good reason since we tend to have that innate desire to create connections. Having connection is meaningful to us and we can naturally feel when that connection is taking place.

Think about your intimate relationship with your spouse or partner.

You know when you are feeling connected and when you aren’t.

You innately know when your relationship needs deeper connection.

But I’ve noticed something about women and your desire for deeper connection, which leads me to a question I have for you.

My question for you is:

Are you getting that deep connection you crave in your relationship, where you feel deeply loved, honored, and cherished?

If YES, that is a great indicator you are listening in to your inner barometer. This is wonderful news because when you are letting your inner barometer be in charge in your relationship, it impacts your other relationships, as well as your degree of success you have with your career.

If your answer is NO, don’t worry. This can absolutely be changed. First take note if you do one of the following three most common ways to distract your inner barometer.

Do you:

  1. Recognize you crave that “in-love” feeling but tell yourself that only happens in romance novels? (In other words, you tell yourself having lasting deep desire  toward one another isn’t real?)
  2. Feel needy or like you are nagging when asking for more of your needs to be met because when you have tried in the past, you’ve felt rejected? You then tell yourself “No one’s perfect,” and blow off what you really desire your relationship to feel like?
  3. Find yourself tuning away from your intimate relationship and instead tuning more into your career or children? (On some level, tuning into those areas feel more rewarding and then you find yourself have less time and energy to worry about your relationship.)

If you recognize yourself in one (or more) of the above common relationship sabotogers, don’t worry. Being honest about your love life is the first step to creating the relationship you want.

I’m going to be in touch with you soon to share more about how you can create the relationship you CRAVE!

intimate relationship

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you if I haven’t already and have you fill out my relationship survey here: In doing so, I’ll enter you into a drawing to win one of ten complementary sessions with yours truly! But don’t wait any longer. Drawing will happen soon!!


Many thanks to those of you who already have filled out the survey. I so appreciate you and your honesty. I can’t wait to serve your relationship needs more fully, so please stay tuned 🙂

Much Love,



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