The Unspoken Epidemic

07 Feb 2014, by michelle in Featured, Relationships

Being a part of this community, I know you’re someone who is committed to creating a fulfilling personal journey.Couple back facing at sunset

While you’re growing and excited about the path you’re on, I’m curious – do you sometimes worry your romantic relationship won’t be able to catch up?

If you are honest, this is something no one can see on the surface – everything seems just fine. But it’s something you feel each and every day – a disconnect that eats away at you.

What is this epidemic?

One partner is growing and evolving while the other partner is not.

This leads to two individuals who may love one another, but can no longer relate to one another.

Some tell-tale signs your relationship isn’t growing with is if you…

– Yearn for greater intimacy and connection?

– Desire deeper understanding and respect for one another?

– No longer talk like you used to?

– Feel loved, but not cherished and desired?

– Have discussions where one or both of you shut down?

– Want more but when you ask your partner gets defensive?

You have an opportunity to take these signs that apply to you and do something about them before there becomes too much of a chasm between you and your spouse.

What you may not realize is if your relationship needs continue to go unmet, there is a part of your growth, self-love, and potential that is also being unmet.

Your relationship must be attended to now, before you completely outgrow your partner and it is impossible for him to catch up to you.

To support you with this wide-spread challenge, I am offering a complementary event to address how your relationship can grow and evolve with you. It’s called The Three Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Relationship.

This isn’t about you taking on more in your relationship. This is going to be more about you learning to claim more of what you desire in your relationship so your relationship can feel as fulfilling as the rest of your life (even better!)

During this event, I will be sharing some of the remarkable results that others have had using these same techniques I have personally used. These techniques have worked in newly developed relationships along with twenty year marriages, with couples in their twenties to couples in their seventies. This approach works!

I invite you to join me on February 20th to find out why my relationship techniques work and how you can begin implementing them in your life.

Simply go here to register now:

I look forward to “seeing” you there!

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