The KEY to find and/or elevate your PASSION toward life!

07 Sep 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Stress

I often work with people supporting them to find their passion.   They are frustrated not living a life that feels fulfilling and are ready to take action.  Action, however, is not the answer. In fact action can be your ego’s way of keeping you away from what really needs to done to find or elevate your passion, which is taking a step away from action.

bench in natureTaking a step away from action is a way to maintain or create healthy boundaries around your daily responsibilities.   Doing so protects your essence from those messages of your ego and rational mind that tells you more is required of you.  Your essence needs this type of protection with boundaries, so you have the freedom of non-doing.

Non-doing is what I consider going within.  When you “go within,” you aren’t going anywhere.  You are becoming aware of what already exists within and around you at all times.  Simply stated, you are “doing” minimal.

I believe there are times when we are called to “do” minimal, as much as we are called to give of ourselves to our maximum abilities.   Although your ego will have you believe that you are not accomplishing in your minimal moments, I believe those minimal periods are prime with spiritual growth and opportunity.

Your passions become clearer and more energized.  You are even more attuned to your inner wisdom and guidance.  You are being called to clear out what energetically is no longer needed.

Your inner process will not be deemed by others (or your ego for that matter) as accomplishing much.  Energetically, however, you are setting yourself up to take that important next step that will guide you toward even greater fulfillment and passion toward life!

To get there, you must overcome the block of your ego, which can be uncovered through these questions:

  • Do you hear your essence when it is calling you to do minimal or are you going at such a fast pace, you can’t even hear the call?
  • Or is it that even when you do hear that call for minimal, you instead decide to push yourself to keep going at a maximum pace?
  • Does the idea of going for minimal seem impossible given your responsibilities?
  • What are the countless ways you create activity in order to prevent yourself from going toward minimal and what is the real fear you are avoiding?

Your ego is going to make the idea of minimal seem as if you are completely walking away from your responsibilities.  This simply isn’t the truth.  Your ego wants you to view minimal in very black and white terms in order to keep you in your fear mode.  When you live based on any of the fear mentioned above, you are taking away your fullest expression of living a fulfilled and passionate life.

reclining buddhaThe bottom line is this:

Do you trust yourself enough to allow yourself to do minimal?  If so, your essence will guide you on what your minimal will be for you given your current circumstances!  This means if there is room for great degrees of minimal then that may be called for you and if not, there will still be ways to create minimal in a degree that works for your highest good.   When you do trust yourself, your minimal becomes your maximum toward giving, compassion and surrender to your spiritual growth and evolution!

Of course, you know all of this deep within and this is simply a reminder of the true importance of giving in to the calling to be/do minimal.  Just remember to ENJOY because soon enough you will be called back to the flow of maximum energy output toward giving and fulfilling your life’s external work.  This is the flow that we call life and when you go with the flow, you are regenerated and renewed to live passionately, joyfully and abundantly in all ways!

Blessings to you always!


  • Oh my, yes! The importance of not doing is so VERY important! Thank you for the great reminder!