The All-Encompassing Gift of YOU!

12 Dec 2011, by michelle in self-care, Stress

You are a gift!  You know this right?  At the same time, you might find yourself with temporary amnesia with the holiday season here.  Why?  Well, besides the fact that you may feel pulled in twenty different directions due to the holidays, you are also in a season of darkness (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere).  This means that besides contending with shortened hours of light, a part of you is being lulled in by the darkness that exists within you.

The darkness within you is not bad or negative.  It is simply those parts of yourself you don’t want to address.  In our day to day living, you are most likely not going to want to address this part of you.  Maybe you feel you don’t have time to address this part of you or perhaps you judge that this part of you exists.   Add in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and these parts of you are sure to go ignored.  Yet these parts of you that desperately want your attention are likely going to make a holiday appearance –    like it or not.   Here are some common examples of what you may be feeling inside you:

  • You feel saddened from missing someone you were once close with that is no longer in your life.
  • You feel saddened and frustrated that you cannot afford to give as much as you would like.
  • You feel like a spoiled brat because a part of you has so many things you want to receive.
  • You feel undeserving to receive a gift.
  • You feel stressed out by all the demands the holidays bring.
  • You feel alone.
  • You feel like Porky the Pig because you haven’t been eating well or exercising.
  • You feel angry or depressed because you aren’t getting along with a family member and they are ruining your holidays.

Wowza, the above examples that are coming from your ego don’t give you that warm holiday sensation does it?  Some of these feelings are harsh and judgmental, others feel downright sad.  This makes it even more likely that no one, not even your consciously evolving self, wants to pay attention to how that part of you feels.  Yet the darkness beckons us to reconcile these parts that we have left out of our light.

To reconcile, you want to listen to your feelings and understand their meaning beyond that which the ego is demonstrating to you.  Your ego wants to berate you to keep you small because smallness equates to protection in the ego’s world.  Yet as you learn the higher consciousness messages to all that you feel, you know that these messages are trying to tell you that these aspects of yourself need your love.

That part of you that feels undeserving is begging for self-recognition.  The part of you that feels like a spoiled brat simply needs to be shown by you in your day to day life how special you really are.  The part of you judging your weight wants to be nurtured and taken care of rather than have your needs cast aside.  You get the point now don’t you?

The holidays are about celebrating and calling forth the light within you and within the world.  This is what miracles are made from and they can occur within you as well.   By bringing the light into those parts that you would rather remain hidden in the dark, you call for a miracle from within.  This is the miracle of unconditional love.  By more fully giving this to yourself, you are going to be able to more fully give unconditional love to those most important to you.  In doing so, you have learned to create the inner peace, joy and presence we all crave – especially during the holidays.

You are the all encompassing gift of light.  Remember this by bringing forward the light within those dark aspects of you.   As you do, the more light you bring into the world.  What better gift can there truly be than more light and love?

Wishing you a special holiday season filled with love and joy for the miracle that you are!

  • I totally agree with the article. Many a time we tend to ignore the cries of our distressed self and pretend everything is ok or everything will be fine. As much as we want to cheat ourselves, our true self refuses to be cheated!! Tagging along with us because its a part of us, we move on and on without change and with lots of baggage – Michelle, you call it the dark side of us – yes, we move along and little do we realise that, the more we carry, the more hopeless we become. Thanks for the article and I want to believe it has helped many if not all your readers. Enjoy the holiday season. Judy

  • Very well written. Thank you for yet another reminder to pay attention to our thoughts and guidance on what to do with those thoughts! I appreciate your love and insight.
    With sincerity,

    • Hi Rebecca! I am so glad you enjoyed the article and greatly appreciate you sharing your feedback. Keep sharing your love and insight as well, you have much to share! Warmly – Michelle