Reflection of 2010 and into 2011

28 Dec 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care

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The end of the year is a wonderful time to become a witness to the life you have created.   By reflecting upon the miracles/gifts as well as the areas that challenged you in 2011, you open yourself further to the conscious creation process.  Many people like to jump in and start focusing on goals or resolutions for the new year.  Doing so without reflection, however, will not give you the momentum you need to make lasting change.

To begin with, focus on these major aspects of your life listed below.  Make a column as to how each component felt to you in 2010 and where (if any) you have deeper desires toward that aspect of your life in 2011.

  1. Spirituality – How do I feel in regard to a sense of spiritual connection?  How well am I able to trust?
  2. Relationships – How do my relationships feel (currently) as well as how you want them to expand upon in 2011?
    1. Intimate
    2. Immediate Family (ie kids)
    3. Extended Family
    4. Friends
  3. Career – What have I brought forward this year & what do I want to expand upon
  4. Physical Health – How do I currently feel in my body & is there a way I can better serve my body in order for my body to better serve me?
  5. Emotional Well-Being – Do my feelings and fears feel supportive to me? Are there still areas where I feel emotionally weighted down at times, if so what are the triggers?  What can I do to allow my emotions to serve me in 2011?
  6. Sense of Self – In what ways do I demonstrate love and self-worth currently?  Is there more authentic expression ready to be revealed in 2011?
  7. Free Time – In which ways that I currently spend my time serve my highest good?  Is there more ways to bring out sensual expression, pleasure and joy in 2011?
  8. Home – How does my home currently support my highest good?  Is there a greater desire to have my home more fully support me in 2011?  If so, in which way?
  9. Other – Anything specific you may want to address not covered in the other categories – add here

targetBy looking at your successes in 2010, you can identify what worked for you, how you are motivated and the external components that supported you to move forward.  Being a witness to, rather than judging, where you remain challenged, you gain greater insight by asking yourself the following:

A.  What do you believe were factors that negatively impacted your ability to move toward your desires?

B. How can you empower yourself better to get the support you need?

C. Are you setting yourself up to succeed, as you did with previous successes?

D. Do you need further guidance?

Next, prioritize what has the greatest significance to you at this time.  This is important because you want the majority of your energy (at least 80%) going toward your top 3 desires.  (This may only be 2 desires if the ones you are undertaking are major life changers!)  Allow the remaining to be longer term shifts that you give some energy toward ( the remaining 20%) and see what small steps you want to take throughout the year to give some momentum to those desires.

For your top priorities, utilize the information gathtered from questions A-D to address what additional support  you need to move forward.  Begin each week with reflecting upon what your next step is toward reaching your desire.  Many people get lost in trying to figure out how to get to the end result when you truly only need to know your next step.  Establish a day each week to weekly reflect upon whether or not how you are going about moving toward your desire is working.  Tweek your plan for the following week given that information, along with determining what your next step is.  By doing this weekly check-in, you are going to find two things:

  1. You are more attuned to your needs and challenges
  2. You are given the guidance you need to take another step forward by staying attuned to yourself

Don’t forget to honor each week the small shifts that are created.  The shifts in which you know of even though others cannot yet see the external results,  are the most significant.  This is the real route to create life altering shifts!

May 2011 be filled with the blessings you have deep within your heart!

Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,



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