Raw & Real with Envy!

25 Sep 2012, by michelle in Uncategorized, Video
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can better serve you.  How can I be a better leader when it comes to our emotional well-being?

The answer I received was to share with you how I apply F.E.E.L. in my life – in the moment.   I just feel it is about time a leader in emotional well-being leads by showing you how to address your negative feelings while you experience them.

I will openly admit, my small self doesn’t like this idea.  Because what you are going to see are my shame themes staring right at you.  Does this make me uncomfortable?  YES!

You will see me in all my imperfect glory.  This, at times, will mean you will witness,(depending on how deep the emotions run), me swearing, crying, and being a general mess.  The point is I’m not perfect nor do I expect you to be either.  In fact, when we allow ourselves to be raw and real, even in those moments that make us uncomfortable, that is how we grow and evolve to be our fullest expressions of self.

I have had enough experience with the F.E.E.L. process to know without a doubt that even (or should I say especially),when feelings don’t look so pretty coming out, they have a big message to support HUGE TRANSFORMATION.

I have done this work for years in the privacy of my own home and truly believe this is the “secret sauce” to living vibrantly and fulfilled.  The reason is because this work expands you.  What I desire for you to witness through my sharing is that doing this work isn’t by any means the easiest route but it will serve you in the long-term precisely because it makes you uncomfortable, which means you are ready to expand.

Now in order to do this, I have to set a BIG BOUNDARY.

The boundary is NO RESCUING!

Here’s what rescuing is: It is you trying to fix or come up with suggestions, when others haven’t asked for your support.  It is also trying to make someone feel better for how they feel.

What rescuing really is: It is about making a situation about you, unconsciously speaking.

What rescuing really does: It makes people feel unsafe to be vulnerable because rescuing further instills shame for being who you are.  It energetically says there is something about you that needs fixing or should be ashamed, so here is the solution.

Trust me I know a lot about rescuing because it has been my tendency to do just that. (It is an occupational hazard for psychotherapists and life coaches!). What I know without a doubt is rescuing doesn’t serve.  Rescuing is tied to fear and yang energy that wants to fix.

F.E.E.L. is about is yin energy, which means learning to receive negative feelings AND trusting in the Inner Wisdom within us all, as to what we are being called to do.

My vision for this community is a place where together we can honor and hold this yin energy.  We can together hold this energy by making comments that reflect how united we truly are as you share similar feelings or challenges you have faced as you continue to grow and expand.  In doing so, I believe we understand this energy and ourselves better.

So, if you are ready, let’s begin with this juicy video on ENVY!


What I realize I omitted was the last step to F.E.E.L., which is taking action.  I know I am going to take action, but I want to make these steps clear to you.  So the action beside posting this video is – well, let’s just say look out for a retreat in 2013!

Living Fearlessly & Choosing Love Together,
  • Maria

    Dear Michelle,
    what an amazing video, honest and coming deeply from your heart. Yes, it serves me greatly, I still struggle with worthiness, or lack of worthiness, I dont usually feel jealousy but now I know that if I do it is because I also have great abilities within me.

    You absolutely have it in you to bring people together in events. You give and give so graciously without any reservation-btw, congratulations that your book was given out at the Grammys (I believe?) how much good it will do for people to honor their integrated self, not just what we perceive as a positive feeling. Your work to addressing the negative feelings is profound in a time when everyone is saying us we should feel the positive. Not that there is anything wrong with the positive feelings, but your work brings the light in the dark room and lights it up to show us that there is nothing to fear.

    Thank you thank you for your wonderful work and contribution to personal development. the field really needed this perspective on feelings.

    Much love,

    • Hi Maria,

      I am so glad to hear that sharing in process has served you. You’ve got it right, it is different than much of what is available and that is why I feel it is important to see F.E.E.L. in action. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • Hi Michelle!

    I’m really grateful for that you made and posted this video! It’s really sincere, open, and – as you said – you being vulnerable. It feels to me, that as you are vulnerable, you take everyone’s weapons away, because as you stop defending what could be considered “shameful” or “not desired”, there is nothing to attack you with anymore 🙂 You admit it that you are jealous. What else can anyone say? 🙂 Like Eminem in his movie said out in a “battle” all the things the other might “accuse” him in, and the other guy had nothing to sing about when his turn came 😀
    And I’m really grateful that you showed how to receive the wisdom from all of our emotions, however our ego might judge those emotions 🙂
    Thank you for your work! 🙂


    • I have never been compared to Eminem before – I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Kristi for sharing. As you honor my vulnerability, I know you will do the same for your own. Thank you for being on this authentic journey with me!

  • powerful michelle. thanks for modeling vulnerability and how to work with the emotional flow. loved the video format–I “got it” so much more in my heart and body than just by reading about the process. blessings.

    • Hi Dear Lisa! Thank you for sharing your feedback. That was my hope that by witnessing it sinks in our hearts. So happy F.E.E.L. has resonated with your huge heart! xo

  • Michelle,
    I am truly inspired and honestly touched as a fellow lightworker that you can and have taught us all by your example, your willingness to show and be human and in doing so teach us how to evolve and learn from this rather than deny it. An ultimate demonstration of selflessness by being vulnerable and offering up your own imperfections and learning as an example for us all.

    I was hesitant at first but I’m so happy that I watched and can truly see the loving truth in it and happily apply it to myself and my own work and path.

    So thank you, I wish you the best in it all.

    Love and Light,

    • Hi Angelic,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. You really understand the core of this work. I love that a part of you was hesitant to watch the video – it is like our unconscious is afraid. Our hearts know so much more though. Many continued blessings fellow light worker!