One Workday, No Blackberry & The Results Are?

24 Feb 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Stress

Consciously choosing not to turn on my Blackberry for one whole day during the middle of my work week and stepping away from work can bring up anxiety and guilt.  “Am I being responsible?  I have so much to do, how will all my work ever get done?” are all questions of my ego uses to try to keep me settled into the daily throws of work.  At first, stepping away felt tortuous.  All too clearly, I begin to see the slight addictive behaviors I have toward checking my email and trying to stay on top of everything.

Nevertheless, I allowed my spirit to win!  My spirit was telling me I needed a break.  I have had to put in a lot of hours to get the audio series completed.  This weekend, I am working on Sunday speaking at an event.  Therefore, I decided, what if I acted as if Tuesday was really a Saturday?  What would it be like to let myself off the hook during the weekday?  Let me tell you it felt good!

My rational mind wouldn’t have thunk it but watching re-runs of The Office was exactly what my spirit needed.  Usually, when I take breaks throughout my work day, I try to be spiritually conscious.  I go for walks in nature and read inspiring passages.  Yesterday was all about just allowing myself to relax and be a so-called “slug” ( my ego’s words, not mine) if that is what I needed. 

steve-carell-office pic2

After lying in bed watching three episodes of The Office, I did some coloring, took a nap, then a bath and made some homemade ice cream which I allowed myself to have prior to eating the pancake dinner I made for my family.   All and all, a great day and a wonderful reminder that what fuels my spirit doesn’t have to be so serious or reflective.  What fuels my spirit is the joy in just allowing myself to be.  Oh and the result, as if feeling joyful and relaxed wasn’t enough – a renew enthusiasm toward delving back into my work!

With Joy,  Michelle

  • Loved your blog! Sitting and vegging out in front of the TV is what I do on a Friday – only its reality TV here in South Africa – Project Runway, The Bachelor, More to Love etc – yes it’s not highly intellectual stuff, but good to relax… we need to give our minds a break too! Cooking a good meal I find so restoring as well, especially with my dogs sitting there in the kitchen watching me, giving me their loving and supportive vibes!
    I also have a blackberry and have had to be without it twice due to contact with water! My own fault! But I hate to be disconnected.

    • Ha-Ha – I got into The Bachelor this season too! I don’t watch that much tv but it was fun to get into. I agree with cooking as well very restorative. So good to hear what good vibes are going on in South Africa – thanks for sharing Heather!

  • Once a month I go to a movie, during the day, in the middle of the week. I take the entire day off and goof off. It feels so good…like cutting school. Once you get past the guilt it’s a blast. Your suggestions are dead on!

    • Hi Joe,
      Yes, it is like cutting school isn’t it? That’s what makes it even better and feels so indulgent! I like your idea of a movie in the middle of the day. Perhaps I will try that next time. Thanks for sharing!