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15 Apr 2014, by michelle in Retreats, self-care

clockWe are all under the same time constraints of 24 hours each day right?

Some of those 24 hours you may feel swamped. Some of those 24 hours may have you whittling your time away.

What I know is how easy it is for time to go by without singling out time for envisioning and then, more importantly, creating real steps for you to carry out your vision as you lead from your heart.

Leading your life from your heart sounds easy. Just follow your heart we are told!

Yet the reality I have found is: it is often easier to avoid your vision.

Sure planning your vision can be fun, but actually following through for ourselves can be scary, intimidating, or even easily dismissed by the other responsibilities you’ve got going on with your life.

Can I make leading from your heart easier on you?

If you haven’t heard, Dr. Mollie and I are coming together to create a sacred space for you in the Thrive & Serve retreat.

Thrive and Serve Retreat Image

We are doing this at an extremely affordable rate because we know from our own journey how vital it is to have someone else hold this space for your vision and support you to:

  • Gain clarity about what your heart desires
  • Increase your emotional vitality
  • Express greater courage and boldness to share your truth & gifts with others
  • Create healing in every area of your life
  • Follow through on your intentions in order that for your desires to become your reality

It’s our desire to give back what’s been given to us and support you in an intimate setting so you can live from your INNER RADIANCE!

greenlakeJust imagine for a moment, making time for yourself as you walk through hundreds of trees to find a vast, crystal-clear, freshwater lake where you can reconnect deeply with yourself.

This conference center was chosen because it is a place where people from every background continue to gather because of the sacred grounds. So even though Green Lake Conference Center is called a “Christian Conference Center” there is no spiritual dogma taking place, as Buddhist, Native Americans, Spiritualists and Non-Spiritualists gather simply to connect more deeply with oneself and nature. The grounds simply support you to honor the sacred within you.

What Mollie and I have found is that having a combination of someone willing to set aside some time to lead you while also giving you a place where you can settle deeply within yourself, is when miracles take place.

If you are in need of making time for you in a way that deeply honors you, I invite you to come along with us on this journey.

We need to get you registered right away, as rooms are going quickly. To register, simply go to this link below and then send me an email that you are all signed up, as I have something special for you when you gather 😉

And be ready to come back afterward REVITALIZED, RENEWED, & RE-SEEN by YOU!

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