Letting In New Possibilities by Letting Go of the Old

11 Jan 2011, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Video

Last week I was at Fox doing a quick interview on what I could have talked forever about – Fears & Ego!  Why?  Because I see how even the most conscientious, spiritual people can get tripped up by these two aspects of your emotions.  If you want your life to feel more ideal or make a change, yet can’t seem to make it happen, it is because you are stuck in the “emotional stone-ages.”

Here’s the deal – when you are stuck in the emotional stone-ages, one of two things happen:

1.   You deny that your negative feelings and fears are impacting you, even though you are struggling to make your life more ideal.


2.   You realize you are experiencing negative feelings or fears, yet you feel these aspects of your emotional self hinder you.

Guess what?  The reason why you feel this way is because your perspective regarding your emotional well-being is entirely based upon your ego.  It is your ego judging your feelings and fears.  The result is you cannot get the momentum you need when your perspective remains tied to your ego.

If you want to change your life for the better, you’ll want to have the clarity, energy, passion and personal power that your emotions give you to move forward faster and with greater ease.  Choose this year to be the year you view all of your feelings, fears and ego through the lens of love rather than fear, and see how different your life becomes!

To help you make these shifts, always feel free to email with your personal questions.  I’ll post them on my blog (your personal info excluded) in the order they are received.  Another option is to join my F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Program, which you can find out more about at

Love is always the path  you can trust to open yourself up to new possibilities!

Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • Anne

    This all sounds so simple and most likely is. I’ve kind of identified a problem that my mind is cluttered with so many negatives that seeing or thinking clearly is a real chore. It’s like they’re in the way. I want clarity of mind and I don’t get it on account of the jumbling thoughts already there. I say “most likely is” though because some of the clutter is dissipating and I get a sense of clarity, not much but some–and I sense progress is coming. It’s like I’m beginning to see the light in this area. What I’m trying to say is that some of the stuckness begins to unravel when we stop struggling so hard to “fix things”. That’s a whole topic in itself. But this is something that can be looked more closely at for some. It’s an idea to look into. I kind of just stumbled onto it without even trying—-after I’d given up trying.

    As simple as what Michelle says does not become simple unless we’ve done some extra work on what precedes her advice. Not everyone needs to go to such lengths to follow the advice—I found I’m one of the ones who had to. But once we are ready for the advice it will be simple because things fall into place for us. It just would be nice if we didn’t have to run into such complicated roadblocks. Of course I believe what she says. I guess we need to find what works for us too. I experiment with different ideas now and then and stumble along in my path. Then someone’s information like Michelle’s will come along at the right time and fit into place in my mind–or others’ info too. Hope you get what I’m saying here. If not please let me know…