Is It Really About Luck When It Comes to Remaining In Love?

12 Nov 2013, by michelle in Uncategorized

Both myself and my husband know, without a doubt, how truly blessed we are to have the type of loving relationship that we do.  We are fortunate enough to hear from others how lucky we are. clover luck

When someone would share with me “You are so lucky!  Your husband is such a great guy.”  I would adamantly agree and leave it at that because the truth is he is an amazing guy.

There was a part of me that wanted to say it was all because of luck, but deep down, I knew better.

What I haven’t admitted, until now, is that being able to continue to feel in-love with your partner, is not the luck of the draw.  Continuing to remain in love is an experience you can consciously create.  

I didn’t want to admit this for many reasons.  All of those reasons were because I was afraid.  I was afraid:

  • I would sound arrogant or like I’m bragging.
  • I would be taking all the credit.
  • We’d be faced with bigger challenges that would cause our relationship to end.

In other words, I let my fears keep me from speaking to you about this.  I apologize for this because that’s not right.  I know you can change your relationship too, if that is what you desire.

The bottom line for me is I had to speak up because I saw too many women silently suffering, as they long for more in their relationship.  Most can’t even verbalize it let alone admit this to themselves.  Some have also secretly felt jealous of others who were in love.  If this sounds a bit (or a lot) like you, I honor you for seeing this.  I also want you to know, you no longer have to feel that way.

in loveThe truth is there is nothing magical about creating lasting love.  It just appears that way to people who don’t have that experience.  I want to change that for you, if that is a desire of yours.

Now I know, it takes two to tango.  So you may be thinking “What can I alone do to transform my relationship?”

The answer is a lot because it only takes one to start a movement.  And that is what you want right, positive, forward movement that comes from ease and love, rather than defensiveness and fear?

If you would allow me, I would love to show you how to do begin creating your own movement in your marriage. You truly have the choice as to whether lasting in-love is a fairy-tale or your reality.  If you are curious on how you can make your ideal relationship your reality, please join me for this virtual gathering:

The 3 Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Relationship

Date: This Wednesday 11/13/13!!

Time: 8pm Eastern/ 5pm Pacific

Even if you can’t listen live, register and I’ll gladly send you the recording after the event is over.

Register here:

I look forward to you joining me and to supporting you to create shifts to have even more of your ideal in your relationship.




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