Finding Your Sweet Spot – In Meditation that Is!

09 Nov 2009, by michelle in Featured, personal development, Uncategorized

Come on admit it, when you first saw the words “sweet spot” did your mind immedicately go to sex?  (Okay, mine did!)  Here is the gift in having both psychotherapy training and life coaching.  I can talk about very personal points while addressing the spiritual.  This is what I came up with:  I believe there are some great comparisons to finding your sexual sweet spot and your meditative one.  Because I believe it is more challenging to find your meditative sweet spot, that is where I am going to keep my focus!

First, you may be wondering what I mean by your sweet spot when it comes to mediation.  Your meditative sweet spot is where you are flowing in some zone that simultaneously has no feeling yet, feels extremely good.  For me, my meditative sweet spot also feels like home.  To find it, there are some similarities to finding your sexual sweet spot as well as your meditative one.  Here they are:

1) The more you practice, the easier you find it

2) You can’t just jump into your sweet spot, it takes patience

3) You need to be in the present moment


Although my meditative sweet spot can be more allusive, it is worth the patience and practice.  Sometimes, I can ride the energetic wave that I am on and sometimes my mind and/or feelings distract me.  More often than not the later is the case.  Nevertheless, not being in my meditative zone does not mean that the mediation was ineffective.  Just quieting myself, even if I only last 5 minutes, does wonders.  It also affirms my commitment to connecting with my spiritual self.  Allow yourself to learn to ride the meditative wave.  Watch it build and then you will find your sweet spot as well!

Live Authentically – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • Tim

    Hi Michelle:

    I just started taking a meditation class to help quiet my mind during this crazy time in my life. Thanks for these helpful tips. When you say “sweet spot” I also think of baseball when the hitter hits the ball on the part of the bat that will drive the ball the farthest. Here’s to finding your sweet spot in all areas of your life!

    • Hi Tim,

      Good for you that you have started a meditation practice. I like your baseball analogy, right on! Have fun finding your meditative sweet spot. Once you do, you’ll be hooked for life!