Family Frustrations??

09 Dec 2014, by michelle in Relationships

frustrated woman covering ears with handsWow! The week after Thanksgiving was CRAZY! I heard from so many people, who typically feel at peace with themselves, lose their sense of center over the holiday.

What happened exactly?

They weren’t sure. All of a sudden, even though they have spent years on their own personal growth, they fell back into an old pattern with a parent, sibling, or other family member.

So while a part of them was looking forward to being with family, they ended up feeling:

• Depleted
• Unseen
• Misunderstood
• Unacknowledged
• Irritated

The reason this occurs is because even though you may be growing as an individual, there is a deeper level of growth to be applied when it comes to your relationships.

Relationships, especially those that go way back, carry with them old familiar patterns and roles for both people involved.

Your family system is used to you functioning in a certain way, which actually pulls for you to respond according to a role that may no longer fit the REAL you.

Where most people go off course is by turning to blame.

They tell themselves “That’s just the way so and so is!” in an angry or frustrated huff.

Yet, on a deeper level, the reason is this is all happening if for you. You see, you have grown as an individual. Yet you are being called to ingrain your growth even more deeply by reinforcing the REAL YOU within your relationships that expect you to operate in an old version of you.

Woman boxed in

(Just to be clear, by reinforcing, I don’t mean trying to forcefully shove down people’s throats the new you to “prove” you have grown either :).)

The reinforcement comes from utilizing the empowered version of your anger, frustration, or sadness (that showed up after getting sucked back in to old patterns) and allow those feelings to help you respond from your greater truth in a loving and clear manner.

To support you with this process, I have a couple of options for you:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for my F.E.E.L. Training Kit here:
  2. If you haven’t already listened in, check out my interview with The Power of Story Summit. Although much of the summit is related to business, my interview goes into story in all areas of life. Obviously, if you are getting caught in family frustration, there is an underlying story you want to address for yourself. It’s free and there is a replay up for a limited time, so sign up here:
  3. 3. For those of you who know you could really use some personal support with this and you are tired of getting hung up in the past, I have only 3 SPOTS LEFT for a complementary Quantum Leap Session. This is on a first come, first served basis, that you can sign up for by filling out this form:

I hope all of these holiday freebies serve you.

Remember, your family is just a mirror to the deeper needs within you. Give yourself the greatest holiday gift by learning how to take care of these needs in a way that brings you greater joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

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PS: Be on the look out for more information coming up shortly about how to take this Emotional Empowerment work to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Details will be coming soon 🙂


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