Deepening Gratitude

20 Nov 2014, by michelle in Gratitude

I can’t help myself! November breeds gratitude in me.

So naturally, I wanted to share a way for all you gratitude lovers to bring even more of the goodness of gratitude into your life.

Play the video below:

Please share your thoughts!

1. What do you want to be pre-thankful for?
2. What do you need to claim in order to remain fully “in” your deepened gratitude practice?

Thank you.
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  • I am thankful for this wonderful reminder to be grateful for the dedication and discipline I am carrying out living my dream of being the most successful healer of animals and their guardians. I am thankful for all the abundance that is coming towards me that allows me give abundantly in return! I am thankful for who I AM, where I am and with who I am and for what I am doing. Thank you, Michelle!!!

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