Dance to Your Heart’s Song

04 Oct 2011, by michelle in personal development, self-care

I know turning 40 usually means checking out wrinkles and freaking out about aging.  I see the fine lines (some deeper than others truth be told) but they just seem so boring compared to the song that is in my heart that wants me to jump in and DANCE with reckless abandon!   There is a song that is playing in all of our hearts.  Some of you may be just hearing it for the first time, while others of you know it so well, yet you’ve been hesitant to go  all in or maybe you haven’t felt adequately prepared to learn a new, more intricate dance move that is an integral part of your song’s full expression.

There is a way, however, to figure out what is being called for you to do next that is coming from your song.  All you need to do is being willing to see the one area of your life that your heart has longed to create change toward and hasn’t been able to make it happen.  This is your next step, the next move for you to master.   You do this by following these steps on how to more fully      dance to your heart’s song:

  1. List out the reasons and ways you have tried to make that change happen that didn’t work.
  2. Honestly reflect how those attempts have made you feel.  Oftentimes we get into a story that turns us into the victim or poor me.  If you see this, this is great for two reasons:  a) because you are not denying it & b) because that is where you have room to claim more of your power.
  3. In what way would it feel good for you to take more responsibility toward creating the change that you desire?
  4. What is your song leading you to do next?
  5. How does it make you feel when you listen to your song’s lead?
  6. In what way do you try to tear apart and void out messages in #3, 4 or 5?
  7. What is getting you closer to your goal, following #2 & #6 or sticking with #3, #4 & #5?
  8. Claim and affirm your choice.  Set up reminders that support your new decision and new level of responsibility toward your life!

Here is how this has played out in my life recently.  I have longed to create greater financial stability and savings in my life.  Even though I tried to live consciously regarding how I spent money, I didn’t feel like I was getting where I wanted to when it came toward saving for our retirement and college or being able to comfortably afford international travel with my family.  My past failed attempts made me feel like saving and investing weren’t my forte and so I put them on my husband to worry about, after all, he did that naturally =)!  “Plus,” I told myself “I trust I will always be taken care of by God/Universe.”  Yet, deep down,  a part of me knew I wasn’t doing my part.

When I asked myself how I can begin taking more responsibility, I came to realize the power I had to set an even stronger tone in my family toward living in greater alignment with our core desires and values.  When I listened more fully to my song, what I heard was an even stronger desire to serve and lead at a new level.  This made me feel energized, alive and excited about my path.  My song gave me even greater clarity.  Right then, I knew the old reasons that told us we were already doing enough were really just excuses.  My husband and I set new boundaries around our spending AND that we would affirm our songs by asking each other two questions each night: Did you serve today?  Did you lead today?

I can’t tell you how inspiring it feels to take action toward living in even greater alignment to our hearts’ songs.  We celebrated by going down to Lake Michigan with a bottle of wine, chips and salsa, talking for hours.  It was a super inexpensive date indeed, but one of our best ever!

No matter what age you are, you too can listen in more closely to your heart’s song.  Listen to what it is reminding you about yourself and how you can live your life.  Then DANCE full-out along with it!

Dancing together in love, leadership and service,


PS: Ever read Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s “The Dance”?  I have it in my office and encourage you to check it out for additional inspiration to DANCE to your heart’s song!




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