Creating Lasting Balance

17 Sep 2013, by michelle in Uncategorized, Video

Ready for even deeper balance in your life?

I’ve got this handy-dandy video that is going to talk to you about an area of your life that you may not be keen on discussing.

It’s important to bring up because your shadow relationship to this aspect of life could very well be the culprit that has you swinging back and forth from balance to imbalance.  


Let’s hear from you now!

Do you tend to hang out on one side of the spectrum or do you swing from balance to imbalance on both sides of the spectrum?

Wishing you an Equinox filled with the balance you crave and the insight to maintain it!

Much Love,


PS: Although my interview was live yesterday, I encourage you to catch the replay (available thru Wed afternoon) over at the Superwoman Syndrome – Take Off the Cape and Find Your True Power Telesummit.  Let’s face it, the cape must come off if we ever want to find balance.  Listen in to how myself, Rhonda Britten, Christy Whitman, Christine Arylo, Dr. Margaret Paul, & many other women just like you have taken off their cape by registering for free here:

I highly encourage you to check it out because it’s time to become more of who you really are by letting go of what was not yours to begin with!



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