How to Work through Confusion

19 May 2011, by michelle in Stress

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How to Work through Confusion

In case you want the step-by-step process, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Recognize that you are feeling confused, stuck, uncertain or lost. Energetically, your energy is tied up. To untie the knot, you have to stop the energy that is leaking out toward blame or excuses and instead look within yourself.

Step 2: Acknowledge that your challenges are real others behaviors may be contributing to your challenged. Then ask yourself “How am I giving away my power in this situation?”

Step 3: Name one, two even three ways you can take responsibility for your current reality.

Step 4: Choose any one from step 3 and break it down into smaller steps. Acknowledge that in doing so you have taken a step.

Step 5: Make a commitment to when you will act upon your first step – no more than 48 hours from when you begin this process. The sooner the better.

Step 6: After each step you take, acknowledge how you feel in order that you can see your ego quicker next time. (ie “At first I felt scared and reluctant like I was dragging my feet but the moment I picked up the phone and made that call I felt relieved and in my power.” In that moment, commit again to when you will be completing your next step. Repeat until all small steps are completed.

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