Gratitude for Choice & Change

23 Nov 2015, by michelle in Uncategorized

You get to choose if your approach to life will be life affirming or life depleting.

You would think that choosing to live in a life affirming way is easy. More often than not, the life affirming route is the more challenging route.

I’ve seen a lot of people challenged lately. Their voice of fear tells them things like:

  • I can’t….have that tough conversation with a person I need to because I am afraid of hurting them.
  • I can’t ….spend the money on my growth, even though I’m in so much pain.
  • I can’t…. overcome my emotional blocks, I’ve tried.

Your fears – they lie to you.

The truth is you always CAN if you choose the more life affirming choice.

The reason you may not choose the life affirming choice is because you fear deeper shame.

What I shared with those who have been struggling with these life depleting choices is:

  • You CAN have the conversation the tough conversation but are too afraid of feeling rejected by another and that rejection will drive home the sense that you are truly unlovable.
  • You CAN spend the money on your growth but you are too afraid that others will reject you for your “foolishness,” so you reject yourself first.
  • You CAN overcome emotional blocks but you are too afraid to give up who you are in order to become the freed up version of you.

What I’ll share with you is that for those who have overcome their personal challenges of self-worth, relationship issues, financial challenges, health problems etc…they ultimately chose to say I CAN…. not just once, or twice, but over and over and over again.

This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly thankful for the gift of choice and change.

stop-signThe fact is that for many years I put a “stop sign” up to my desires by uttering over and over again I can’t. In some moment that today I can’t even pinpoint, the tide changed.

The times I said I can, especially when challenged, began to outweigh more and more the times I said I can’t. To the point that today, I can’t, doesn’t enter into the equation. The reason is because even when my rational mind can’t find a way, my heart and faith can. I just need to listen – especially to our emotions from an empowered perspective.

Your gratitude, will help you listen too! In fact, it already has…..

It’s because you said “I can” that I also get to be in relationship with you. You said I can to yourself to seek out a new model of understanding negative emotion and receive your negative feelings through emotional empowerment! And for that, I am so touched to be one of your guides to seeking greater love through life affirming choices.

Whatever is your heart, that comes from love, just know you can. You likely won’t be given all the steps to how to make it happen.

My invitation is for you to be grateful for the one step that is right in front of you. The one next step always is there, but you need the life affirming lens to see it.

If you can’t find the step, try utilizing gratitude, as it tends to switch the lens over to being able to see the life affirming choice.

My heart swells with gratitude knowing that there is something inside of us pulling for us to choose the life affirming choice, even when it terrifies us. And through that moment, we can recognize more love within ourselves and within others.

If you have been pulled to say I CAN, even when you’ve been afraid, please share.  Your courage inspires others!

With Gratitude & Appreciation of YOU,

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