Need a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

28.09.2010 in self-care, Stress

One reader wrote in the following: Hello, Michelle: (My letter must remain anonymous.) My problem is I feel I am controlled and “bullied” by so many people in my life. I feel as if I do what my spouse wants, my close friends, etc., b/c…

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5 Ways to Create Greater Inner Peace

14.09.2010 in self-care, Stress

Finding an inner sense of peace can sometimes feel elusive. When stress or imbalance show up, apply one of these strategies that gets to the heart of the matter and witness the flow of peace to enter you! 1. Detect the needs of your ego:…

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Why false perceptions matter

27.07.2010 in personal development, Stress

Do you ever find that people have a perception of you that isn’t necessarily true?  People tend to make assumptions about you and your life base on some of the external components to your life.  Do you ever find that you actually want them to…

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