Caring = Expansiveness!

25 Oct 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Uncategorized

Let me start off by acknowledging that I know you are a caring person.  You are probably saying “Michelle, how can you know this if we haven’t met in person?” Simple – You are a caring person because you are a part of this community, one that focuses on how to consciously evolve.  Trust me, this only interests caring people!

homeworkAs a caring person myself, I also recognize it can feel challenging at times to demonstrate how much you care.  Last week for instance, I wasn’t as attuned to my kids as I would have liked to be.  Normally, when they come home from school, I put my focus solely on them, their day, and their responsibilities that they need to take care of.  Much of last week, I just wasn’t there.  The idea of trying to multi-task with all my kids’ homework, while creating a nutritious home-cooked meal was too much.  Instead, I just wanted to cook in peace, which left me acting somewhat short with them.  Quite honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having those moments.  We are human and have limitations are at times.

Besides knowing your limitations, it is also important to realize how expansive you can be when it comes to caring.  I am sure you know what it feels like to be moved by an experience that you feel so open and waves upon waves of love run through you.  I was fortunate enough to attend an event on Saturday that was led by my friend and colleague Dr. Mollie Marti of .  At that amazing event, I was awoken to remember to expand my sense of caring.  You see, it isn’t that I didn’t know about caring previously.  People and experiences are placed in our lives to support us to remember at a deeper level.  When you are attuned to your feelings, you will feel touched when you hear something that you are supposed to remember.  Then you must decide if you are going to act on how you feel or rationalize your way out of expanding.

caring hands with heartOf course, you know that caring matters, but is there a way that it could be amped up? For me the answer was/is yes!  I am not just talking about my kids either, because not completely focusing on them is the exception rather than the rule.  I am talking about expanding yourself to care in ways that go beyond your norm.

By challenging yourself in a way that is not your typical – perhaps even makes you feel uncomfortable, you will tap into expansive energy within you.  From this energy you feel and believe that anything is possible because it is.  Think about for a minute what is important to you and then think about what prevents you from putting more of your energy toward that.  We each have gifts to share, whether it is time, money, talent, or love.  Which of those makes you the most uncomfortable to share?  Which do you have a block or an excuse?  We must remember we are all wealthy beyond measure with treasures in our life.  The more you can acknowledge that by being willing to show you care by giving of your treasure (especially that which your mind has you believe is the scarcest), the more you will experience expansiveness in your life.  This is when the love within you expands beyond measure.

To experience the depths of expansion, you must be certain you have enough inner fuel to give.  Each and every day, how will you celebrate your existence? What brings you joy? When you give to yourself in this manner, you declare you matter.  When you know you matter, you know you have gifts to give and that it is your responsibility to share them.  That is what being a good steward of yourself and others is.

heartI also want to say that I hope you know that I care about you.  I know you have your own hopes, dreams, gifts and love to share.  I am honored that you have remained connected with me to give you authentic guidance toward claiming what’s in your heart.  Without you in my life, my passion would have no place to be shared.  I honor you for being willing to explore with me that which is often ignored or forgotten in order to live more expansively and fulfilled!

Continue to be touched by your emotions, as your feelings are always guiding you as to how you can expand.  Listen through the vehicle of love, so you can answer your personal calling of how you can share yourself with the world! It really is these simple, yet profound steps that allow you to feel filled with a love of life and everyone in it!

With Love,



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