Your inner glass ceiling is the story inside of you that gets in the way of you claiming your ideal in any area of your life.

woman under glass ceiling

Your Inner Glass Ceiling causes:

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Distraction
  • Procrastination
  • Not Following Through
  • Giving Up

Sound familiar? Tell me about it!

I knew my Inner Glass Ceiling far too long and have created a process that repeatedly works to break through your inner glass ceiling in any part of your life.

Where do you want to claim more of your ideal?

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Intimate Relationship
  • Career
  • Emotional Vitality
  • Weight
  • Children and/or Family


The more you claim your desires in other aspects of your life, the more more you improve your impact, effectiveness, and overall ability to lead in all areas of your life.

woman under glass ceiling

You are the leader and creator of your reality. This means you get to determine your legacy:

  • What will your kids remember about you?
  • What will those you care most about remember about you?
  • What will others remember about you?

So...Will you allow this event to wake you up from your stories?

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If no, then you really need to join me because what I am going to teach you is how to:

  • Bust through common set points in your career, wealth, weight, relationships & more.
  • Work with your fears rather than try to push past them.
  • Recognize what sets you up to fail.
  • Overcome what has sabotaged your previous goals.
  • Create a new story that serves you rather than limits you!

Please tell me that you are a YES!!

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See you there!


Michelle Bersell

Michelle BersellMichelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is known as a visionary leader in emotional consciousness who challenges common thought and understanding regarding emotional well-being. Combining her training as a psychotherapist along with her spiritual insight, Michelle continues to lead thousands to a new level of accessing and celebrating their potential through her seminars, retreats, speaking engagements, products, and individual programs.

Besides media attention in Women’s World magazine, Parents magazine, The Huffington Post, and Fox Television, Michelle is featured in the upcoming film documentary GOOD LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity. Michelle’s latest book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies immediately became a #1 bestselling book. Two weeks later F.E.E.L. was a featured gift at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Michelle has also received national recognition as one of the “50 Great Authors You Should be Reading” for her first book Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered. Her unique approach to emotional well-being has led Michelle to be feature alongside best-selling authors Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff, Rhonda Britten and many others.

Michelle currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her loving husband, daughter, and twin sons.

Find out more about Michelle at:

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