Beyond the Hype – The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

15 Feb 2014, by michelle in Relationships

heart love valentines dayValentine’s Day is a day that can stir a lot of emotion or just have people check-out and claim the event as insignificant.

What I have found is that whether you are in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day has meaning. The meaning may be positive or negative but there is meaning. EVEN if you or your partner look at the day as “not a big deal” or “just another day,” there is meaning.

I invite you to be honest for a moment and reflect on what this day means to you. (And then please, share your comments below!).

Why I have seen this day trigger so much (or so little) enthusiasm is because it is a day that is about going out of your way to demonstrate your love to another and yourself.

To some, demonstrating love feels like pressure and they cop out. The risk is still there to feel “not enough” or risk rejection, so they play it safe and don’t do much to express their love.

For others, receiving someone’s demonstration of love feels difficult because you don’t want to have expectations but deep down you do. And your afraid that because you aren’t grateful enough, you really aren’t loving enough to receive what it is you want.

You see what I mean, there is actually a lot that is going on here with this one single day.

What I invite you to see is – this is where the gold is!

Your relationship is sharing with you
where the next stage of personal growth is for you.

YES, personal growth deepens with a partner. It’s not required (for all of those who are single right now), but it does allow you to strengthen your self-love, which in turn makes you a better lover. It is through your ability to receive love FIRST FROM YOU, which then supports and allows greater and truer intimacy with another.

The soulful part of your relationships is experiencing the expansiveness of love.

Here is where you need to summon your courage to be honest with yourself:
If Valentine’s Day did not demonstrate to you what you desire OR it did, but it feels to few and far between with these demonstrations –
Please know that this is where the next stage of growth is for yourself and your partner.

The good news is…

It only takes one person to lead your relationship
into the expansiveness of love.

If leading your relationship feels like you are taking on more, please know that is your ego’s way of inhibiting from you what you are receiving. And… your ego is inhibiting you not just in your relationship but in other areas of your life.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to join me to learn how you can lead yourself and your relationship into greater love expansiveness.

Please join me in my global live event “The 3 Secrets to Your Ideal Relationship,” which is coming up this Thursday, February 20th. Even if you can’t make it live, if you register, you will have access, for a limited time, to the replay of the event.

I want you to know how I honor you for having the courage to look at your relationship with honesty, because in doing so, you are already demonstrating greater love.

We are in a different stage of consciousness with our relationships and if we want them to work, we can no longer ignore small or big signs that occur on Valentine’s Day or any day.

Let’s work together to bring back the connection you crave.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

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