Be A Light Unto Yourself: A Response to a Question Regarding Living Your Passion & Loneliness

07 Dec 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care

Date: Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 7:45 PM
Subject: Advice on Life Passion

Hi! My name is Mel!

I was reading on “the key to find and/or elevate your passion toward life” about “non-doing.” I feel like I entered that space not too long ago. I am in my late 20’s, a single young lady w/a Master’s in Gerontology. I work as a Care Manager. I am really devoted to my church, where my heart and passion is. I love to lead Praise & Worship and I’m definitely interested in growing spiritually. I have many hopes-marriage, better job, etc. I have an awesome, supportive family and a few “close” supportive friends. I’ve been alone more lately, hoping to get a grasp on things, life, my passion. I saw the article said to send for advice, any thoughts?

Thank You Sincerely,

candle in handsHi Mel,

“Be a light unto yourself” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of your struggle between hope for the future and your sense of loneliness currently.  The truth is Mel, you are not alone with feeling lonely.  During times of transitional change, the vast majority of people go through a period of loneliness.  The reason is because you are shifting your life to be in greater alignment with your truth.

Experiencing loneliness while consciously evolving is one of those topics that remains under addressed, while being extremely common.  Think about for a moment what you are actually doing – you are shedding old skin and claiming more and more of what matters to you.  As you grow, others may not be ready to go on that journey with you – at least not right away.  You can move forward without them being right by your side, while trusting their time will come.  In the short-term, you may feel more alone.  In the long-term, you ultimately create relationships that support you to be the highest version of you.  Plus, when those you care about are ready to move forward as well, they will be turning to you for support!

From a spiritual perspective, your loneliness is a preparation period supporting you to fulfill your life’s work.  You need this time where there are less distractions so you hone in on what you are feeling, what works for you and what absolutely doesn’t, and what moves you.  This is a time for creativity and exploration from the core of your essence.

lighted pathI have worked with many, many people as they evolve toward finding their passion.  A common thread is a sense of loneliness, whether they were in their 20’s or 60’s!  In every case, what needed to be done was to live the meaning to “Be a light unto yourself.”  What this means is you must go within to your internal and eternal light that exists within you.  Let your light be your guide.  Once you clear the clutter, what you will find is a field of possibility that lies ahead for you.  Your work is to tend to the field so that it becomes the most fertile to grow your dreams.  This means weeding out that which no longer serves you and bring into your life more that will.

I remember when I too went through a period of loneliness, which happened to be around your age as well .  Some of the most profound growth I had ever experienced occurred during this time.  I only wish I had someone there telling me to both savor this time as well as know that it will soon shift.

Like falling in love, you only get a couple of these types of experiences.  This may be it for you where you get to discover yourself to this degree.  Honor your circumstance by turning to your feelings to be your guidance and you will find yourself shifting to a life that feels greater fulfillment and fuller than you could have ever imagined!

Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • steven

    Hi Michelle
    Your profile looks like mine have stopped being a psychotherapist because i felt a fraud and although trained as an engineer am fed up with that too. I’m off to the Krishnamurti centre in brockwood park this weekend for a theme weekend appropriately titled ‘ be a light unto yourself’ and when i saw your web as some preparation reading just had to send you this email.
    Giving up isn’t easy for me to do and this sense of loneliness has being going on for a very long time. What do i do next has always figured big in my life just letting go seems a kop out. One of my dreams is to travel in south America but at 56 no family or children feel should work in the uk and save for my pension! God that sounds boring!. Writing this makes me feel that i should just go and has been very helpful. Any thoughts
    Thanks Steve

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you so much for writing in and sharing. I know so many out there relate to your message. You writing this is being a light unto yourself. YOu are shining the light on the loneliness and shame that goes along with it. That takes major courage. Making your ego stories conscious is what will allow you to make different changes. And just as you wrote, the ego’s messages do indeed become boring. The ego wants to strangle your heart. Now is your time and I can’t wait to hear more about your journey as you continue to shine light and love in your life!