3 Ways You Do (or Don’t) Demonstrate Your Self-Value

30 May 2014, by michelle in personal development, Relationships, self-care

Now, more than ever, I believe most are aware of the importance of self-care.  What is less talked about is improving your self-value.

Below I would like to share with you some common ways to amp up your self-value.

1. Do you celebrate yourself in some way after completing a task – or just move onto the next line of your to-do list?

Boy do I know this one well. Celebrate after completing a task – who has time for that? There is too much to get done. The truth of the matter is that if you do not take consciouDo take time to celebrates breaks real, celebratory breaks, you not only will find yourself burnt-out, you’ll also end up creating non-fulling breaks that take you off course.  These non-fulfilling breaks are repeatedly distracting yourself by surfing the web, checking your email or getting lost on facebook. The problem with non-fulling breaks is you don’t truly feel replenished because you aren’t truly acknowledging yourself.  Value yourself by celebrating you completing each task by creating mini-breaks that uplift you.

Say to yourself, this is my reward, and then take 5-10 minutes to:

• Go outside,
• Listen to a favorite tune,
• Flood your mind with how incredible you are,
Listen to a favorite Tune and Dance• Dance
• Watch an inspirational video
• Play with your dog/cat/fish 🙂
• Swing on a swing
• Enjoy your tea without doing anything else

My goal is for every 50 minute task, is to create some form of acknowledgement.  Some days I am better at this than others. The days that I am great at doing this, the more I get done AND the happier I am.

2. Do you invest in programs, experiences, or items that will enrich you or do you go to a place of lack (ie: feeling undeserving or broke)?

I’ve built a great sense of self-trust over the years.  If I get a felt sense about how a purchase is a missing puzzle piece for me, I make it happen.  Let me tell you, this hasn’t happened without fear and guilt. Seriously, I’ve even broken out in hives from investing in myself!  Our egos will tell us all sorts of things to prevent us from taking the action our hearts know we need to take.  That’s the ego’s job. When you claim your need, the money always shows up.  It has for myself, my clients, and it will for you too. (This by the way is in part how you begin to heal your relationship with money.)  And if your ego is waving a red flag of fear just hearing this, I’m not promoting anything.  I am simply inviting you to claim your worth in giving yourself what you need to enrich your life coming from your heart.  For some of you that may be hiring a cleaning service, a trainer, a mentor, or a coach.

If the opportunity comes your way, trust that this is your time to receive more!

3. Do you make time for sexual connection?

It’s funny, we talk about the pleasure in the simple things in life, yet one of the most simplest pleasures is sex. Our bodies are made for pleasure.  Yet, too many are walking around cut off from the waist-line down.  What does it say about how we value ourselves when we cut ourselves off from our own pleasure? Hmm, I know I’ve been there and that’s why I’ve been on a mission to deepen my relationship with pleasure. When we are busy or overwhelmed, sex is the first toTake time for Sexual Connection go.  Yet, the truth of the matter is, orgasm is shown to reduce stress and bring more oxytocin to our brains so we can feel more at peace, even when there is a lot happening in life.  If any sexual shame remains, make a commitment to healing this sacred part of you. Your pleasure is a part of your birth-rite that enables you to have greater joy, energy, and vitality toward life.  Demonstrate your self-value by making your connection with your sexual, sensual self a priority – this truly matters.

Are these the only ways to demonstrate your self-value?  Of course not.  These are simply the ways I see even the most conscientious people struggle to claim more of their self-worth.

The good news is, if you neglect to value yourself in any manner, you’ll begin to experience negative feelings. Your negative feelings will appear as a reminder that living in a way that does not acknowledge you, doesn’t feel good. Your negative emotions are also guiding you on HOW to make that change.

If you need more support with utilizing your feelings from an empowered stance, check out my complementary F.E.E.L. training here: FEEL TRAINING 

I would love to hear your comments and feedback below on how you enjoy demonstrating your self-value, as well as where you struggle to do so.

Wishing you great joy as you add more self-value into your life!


PS: If you are a coach, therapist, or holistic practitioner, and you are challenged with any of the above, I invite you to join in on a conversation by filling out this survey.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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