3 Powerful Remedies to Holiday Overwhelm or Blahs

01 Dec 2017, by michelle in Raw Emotions, self-care, Stress, Well-Being

Whether it is a ginormous holiday to-do list that has got you overwhelmed, or
You are going through a tremendous personal struggle that has zapped away your joy, or
You find yourself more in a snappy mood, rather than a happy holiday mood….


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3 Tried and True Ways to Create an Emotional Shift.


1. Listen to Your Negative Feelings.

This may seem like the last thing you want to do. After all, you are tired of not being happy. You just want to get rid of any negativity. Here’s the problem: When you put pressure on yourself to be happier, you unintentionally make yourself more miserable! Allow the part of you that is miserable out. This ornery part of you isn’t all of you, nor does it define you. It is simply a part of you that is begging for your attention. So give this part of yourself attention without judgment.

Recently, I used this with someone who had suicidal thoughts due to some very difficult struggles she has been experiencing. Part of the reason she was feeling so hopeless was because no matter what she did, she couldn’t find her joy. The truth was that, right now, her life circumstances are in no way joyful. They are the most difficult circumstances she has ever faced. Putting pressure on herself to find the silver lining was only making things worse. What was being covered up was her rage over these circumstances. We allowed this part of her to be seen and understood without judgment and without fear about what she was saying. As she did, her spirit rose from the ashes. While her circumstances are still incredibly difficult, she found herself again.

I also had to use this on myself when I was feeling resentful toward my husband about how much more falls on my plate during the holidays. When I sat with and received the feeling, what I recognized was the resentment was toward my own pushing to get things done. The empowered remedy was simply to stop pushing and voila, there I was back to peace and joy!

2. Nature Baths.

If you are feeling grumpy or down and out, it is a signal you need to take care of you. I know, I know, it feels like you don’t have time. You do. It’s your ego that is convincing you that other aspects of life are more important than you. This is a self-value piece that is asking you to resolve by honoring you. One of the most therapeutic ways is getting yourself out in nature without any distractions. Let the trees, the water, the land bathe you in nourishment and love. You see, nature knows how to take care of it’s needs without judgment. In doing so, we are able to enjoy it’s beauty. It is a reminder to us all that while you can’t always control external circumstances, you can give yourself experiences that allow you to receive simple, yet profound gifts provided through nourishing your Essence.

3. Talk and Gather.

The tendency when you are down and out is to hide, shut-down, or close off. The more isolated you feel, the more hopeless you become. I promise you that you are not alone in how you feel. Turn to friends and let them know you need to talk. Gather with others, so you aren’t going it alone. Find guidance through professionals that can support you to shift from problem to solution focused or offer greater nourishment. Each and every person has times of challenge. It’s okay if your challenge is happening during or because of the holidays. As you free your voice and your truth with another, you’ll release the burden you are carrying from being solely on your shoulders.


I am not saying that these remedies are the be all to your holiday overwhelm or blahs, but they CAN ultimately guide you back to find your innate wisdom again.

The love of the holidays begins with loving you, wherever you are currently at in life, by giving yourself gifts of nourishment you truly need right now.

With love & light,
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