E3:Emotional Empowerment Education

Have you noticed your teen or tween is

stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?


If so, you’re not overreacting – and you’re not alone!


The Empowered Solution is E3: Emotional Empowerment Education

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Stress in America
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A study produced by the American Psychological Association finds that stress levels reported in teens tops that of adults.  

Approximately 1 in 3 every teenage boy, and nearly half of teenage girls feel:
                                    • irritable or angry


                                  • nervous/anxious


                                  • overwhelmed


                                  • fatigued


  • Stressed Boys

  • Unaffected Boys

  • Stressed Girls

  • Unaffected Girls

How to define stress

Stress is when a person experiences an uncomfortable “emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes.” Is it any wonder our kids feel more stress now given circumstances such as:

                                    • Feeling pressure to be successful in today’s society, which goes beyond grades to include community involvement, awards, and sports participation


                                  • Being bullied (77 percent of kids are bullied mentally, verbally and physically, while only 10% tell their parents)


                                  • Having “Code Red” alerts at their school when their physical safety is being threatened


                                  • Measuring their “like-ability” via social media


                                  • Experiencing criticalness about their appearance (68% girls, 55% boys)


75% of kids experience at least one of these symptoms below. Is your child one of them?

Symptoms Of Stress:

Feeling irritable or angry


Feeling nervous or anxious


Fatigue/feeling tired


Lying awake at night




About to cry


Feeling overwhelmed


Feeling depressed or sad


Changes in sleeping habits


Skipping a meal


Upset stomach or indigestion


How Teens Are Coping:

Play video games


Surf the Net


Neglect responsibilities at home


Smoke marijuana


Watch TV or movies




Drink alcohol


Snap at friends/teammates


Neglect school work


Cancel social plans


Stress follows kids

But, emotional instability doesn’t stop at high school; it follows our kids to college. USA Today reports half of all college students have had suicidal thoughts.

What we are seeing is our kids are inundated with emotional overwhelm and don’t have the tools to know how to effectively handle their feelings and stress.

In 1983, the D.A.R.E. campaign was created because drugs were infiltrating our schools and we wanted to teach our kids awareness and strategies to deal with this problem. Much like how D.A.R.E. gave children guidance on how to deal with drug infiltration, your child now needs education and tools to deal with the all-consuming problem of emotional overwhelm and stress.

The time has come to break the unhealthy legacy of stress in America by

teaching kids about the effects of stress and help them learn healthy ways to understand and cope with their emotions. By giving kids the tools to form healthy lifestyles and behaviors, we help them to grow into healthy adults.   E3: Emotional Empowerment Education teaches your tween and teen to remain aware of who they are regardless of the emotions that arise and to use their feelings to effectively navigate their circumstances while remaining true to themselves.


The Empowered Solution is E3: Emotional Empowerment Education

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