Attention All Conscious Creators, Seekers and Sensitives

Are you ready to Harness Untapped Energy, Momentum and Power to Become Your Fullest, Most Fulfilling Version of You?  

Now You Can Learn to Tap into the Positive Power of Your Negative Emotions to Gain Access to Your Inner Rocket Fuel, Allowing You to Expand to Higher & Higher Levels of Your Authentic Self and Potential!

 Dear Conscious Creator,  

You have the ability within you to create a life that reflects your highest version of self. I know it, a part of you knows it...and then there is another part of you that has doubts, second-guesses, or just can't seem to get the necessary momentum to move forward to the degree that your heart would truly like.  

I am sure you will agree that you are the only person who can make your ideal version of life a reality. Deep within you, you know life is meant to be bountiful and abundant in all areas of your life.  

If you are like most seeker, you have tried.

But do you feel like you're being held back by...

  • Fears as to whether you have what it takes to make your dream a reality?  
  • Knowing deep down the direction you want to go, but not being able to take enough forward mfovement to make it happen?  
  • A feeling of overwhelm toward the obstacles that stand between you and your ideal life?  
  • Confusion about what the exact next steps are that you need to be taking?  
  • Worry that your efforts will never reach the level of fulfillment that your heart so deeply desires to create?

If so, you can now set these fears and blocks aside, because you are in the right place.  

I'm Michelle Bersell, psychotherapist, award winning author and visionary leader in emotional consciousness. And I'm excited to show you how you can finally have the momentum and clarity necessary to create a life that exceeds your expectations, using a proven program, that is authentically aligned with you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  

That means you gain deeper access to the divine insight and gifts within you without having to pretend or rise above your authentic feelings and fears. The result is you gain greater alignment to fulfill your divine life's work with more ease and less effort.  

You might be wondering if it's actually possible to feel an even greater sense of joy, love and abundance for all that you have created?  

The answer is: Yes, it is absolutely possible! And I know it can work for you because I was once in your same predicament. My life was good in many ways, I had many things to be grateful for - loving family and friends, a beautiful home, health - yet there was more of my true self aching to be expressed.

Even with all my training as a psychotherapist and life coach, even with all the personal work I had done there was something blocking me from fully creating a life that I absolutely loved on every level. More counseling, coaching or self-help tools all lead to dead-ends...until finally, I discovered how to tap into the positive power of my negative feelings, fears and ego.  

This isn't the same is putting a positive spin on your negative feelings. What occurred was a paradigm shift, in which what I learned was that ALL aspects of ourselves have a deeper meaning AND when understood at a higher level of consciousness actually propels you forward to create the life you deeply desire to live.

And guess what happened? I received the clarity and insight that I needed to move forward! Hang-ups that in the past would have kept me stagnant became quickly apparent. I felt more aligned with my purpose than ever. AND I gained the energy, power and conviction necessary to create an even more fulfilling life!  

And now I am sharing with you this exact process...

So you can create a life that:

  • Celebrates Your Authentic Self
  • Reveals & Honors Your True Gifts
  • Satisfies Your Soul
  • Overwhelms You with Gratitude
  • Allows You to Thrive 

Allowing you to have:

  • A life that is a true and full reflection of your fullest version of you
  • A career that fulfills and sustains you from the inside out
  • A widening impact on the number of lives you touch
  • A lifestyle which honors all of who you are
  • Deeper intimacy and connection with others
  • Time to nourish and honor yourself and those you love
  • Greater spiritual connection and expansion 

"What I value about Michelle's F.E.E.L. process is that you learn to no longer judge how you feel." 

As a physician dedicated to supporting people to heal from within and consciously evolve, I have seen the negative impact blocked emotions have on one's physical and mental well-being. What I value about Michelle's F.E.E.L. process is that you learn to no longer judge how you feel. Instead you view your negative feelings and fears through the eyes of love. Then as just as hunger leads you to seek nourishment and labor pains to birth, you will create a new and well nourished life of love. 

Bernie Siegel, M.D. Best-Selling Author, Physician

It's here...  


*Note: This program is for conscious creators, seekers and sensitives who want to learn how to tap into the positive power of their negative emotions to more fully reveal their true potential and gifts in order to fulfill their divine life's work with greater ease, joy and passion!

Here's just some of the results you'll experience:

  • How to work with rather than against your negative feelings  
  • Clarity and understanding as to what your next step is when you feel uncertain or confused  
  • Loving guidance as to what you need to change & how to make it happen  
  • Increased self-confidence and determination that you have what it takes to make a life that truly fulfills you on all levels  
  • A fuller understanding and expression of your true power and co-creative abilities  
  • The ability to finally utilize the potential that has been waiting to be discovered by you  
  • A perspective that allows you to more easily notice, laugh at, and move beyond blocks that once prevented you from moving forward  
  • Greater certainty in who you authentically are and more willingness to openly share yourself with others  
  • Feeling supported rather than weighed down when you experience a negative feeling

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to live their life like this?  

Yet, you can only experience these results if you are willing to let go of...  

Ego Based Expectations & Judgments Living in Survival Mode And... "Go-It-Alone Syndrome"  

Ask those who have created a fulfilling life if they have had support to make it happen and the resounding response you will hear is YES! 

They know life is too precious trying to figure things out on their own. 

We each came here with a purpose and when someone else has what they need to move forward to fully live their life, they didn't hesitate, they got the support they needed. 

They do this because they know that when they commit to bettering their life, they see great things start to happen quickly.  

Are you ready to ignite your inner rocket fuel?  

If you are ready to experience the insight you need to move forward and stop delaying yourself from creating a fulfilling life, read on to learn how the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program was designed specifically with YOU in mind.  

"Michelle's work teaches you exactly what you need to know to gain the momentum necessary to take your next big leap!"

Through my experiences as a 5x best-selling author and real estate artist, I have learned to harness my fear as motivation. Michelle's work takes this one step further by teaching exactly what you need to know to gain the momentum necessary to take your next big leap! Michelle's F.E.E.L. process is one-of-a-kind in that it teaches you how to tap into the positive power of your negative feelings, something anyone can use when you are ready to share more of your gifts with the world!  

Frank McKinney Real Estate Artist, 5x International Best-Selling Author & Founder of The Caring House Project Foundation

"The F.E.E.L. process brought my hidden fears to the surface in order that I could begin addressing them from the standpoint of love."

Michelle, I want to thank you for teaching me the F.E.E.L. process. It turns out that I have a lot of fear around being a real business woman because it would mean that I had to take care of myself and not rely on someone else to do it for me. I realized that I have always wanted someone else to take care of me and that I am fearful of doing things on my own because of the fear of not knowing how to do things, looking dumb, standing out from others, not being understood or supported for my dreams and wants, etc. I know these are many common fears, but I just hadn't realized that they were all there. The F.E.E.L. process brought these fears to the surface in order that I could begin addressing them from the standpoint of love. Through your program I have been able to learn how to face and deal with the "negative" emotions that I have had and come to realize that ALL emotions have something good to teach me and give me to improve my life. I am so grateful for the empowering shift that has allowed me to face my feelings and then be able to offer my message to others. Many blessings to you for sharing this powerful process!  

Jenny Ocegueda-Reynosa Spiritual Life Coach, Retreat Director

The F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Program is a comprehensive program designed to take you from wherever you are at now all the way to creating your ideal in EVERY area of your life!  

Take a Closer Look at the Transformation You'll Experience as You Learn this Proven Program...

SHIFT #1 - Moving from Emotional Stone-Ages to Emotional Consciousness

You will learn:  

  • How to quickly recognize the common ego traps that keep you stuck in the emotional stone-ages
  • The purpose of your ego - yes there is one!
  • The proven process to work with rather than fight against your ego
  • How to tell the difference between the voice of your essence/authentic self & your ego 

SHIFT #2 - Understanding the Gift of Your Negative Emotions

You will learn how to:  

  • Move from reactionary/fear based ego perspective to understanding your "negative" feelings through the lens of love
  • Understand the specific, higher consciousness message to negative feelings such as anxiety, frustration, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Recognize the common emotional traps that keep you distracted from your internal power & w&sdom
  • Utilize the authentic energy within each negative feeling to serve you rather than hinder or weigh you down 

SHIFT #3 - Moving from Current Life to Ideal

You will learn how to:  

  • Clearly recognize what aspects of your life are not working as you would like and the blocks that inhibit you from taking forward steps
  • Realize the fear stories that maintain status-quo rather than shifting to your ideal
  • Define the potential that is waiting for you to claim in terms of your sense of self, career, relationships and physical health
  • Plan and implement clearly defined steps that allow you to make the shifts you desire 

SHIFT #4 - Enhancing and Strengthening Your Path

You will learn:  

  • Guided meditative journeys which affirm your journey to raise your emotional consciousness
  • Daily actions that reiterate the path you are committed to moving forward toward
  • Proven strategies that support you to become more open to bring forth your heart's desires
  • How to access tools that support you to maintain a sense of being grounded, present and balanced in order that you access your insight and gifts with greater ease 

These four imperative shifts of the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program are the FOUNDATION to raising your emotional consciousness AND is the only program that teaches you how to tap into the authentic energy of your negative feelings & fears to PROPEL YOU FORWARD TOWARD CLAIMING YOUR IDEAL LIFE!  

Here's how you'll absorb this life-changing information: 

If you are ready to experience the insight you need to move forward and stop delaying yourself from creating a fulfilling life, read on to learn how the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program was designed specifically with YOU in mind.  

20 Total Lessons that allow you to deeply explore and transform emotional blocks regarding the most significant areas of your life including: Health/Physical Well-Being, Career/Finances, Self-Confidence/Sense of Self, and Relationships.

9 Audio Lessons: Available to you to download and listen wherever you please so you can learn the typical blocks that are keeping you stuck, understand why others will choose not to move forward and the new perspective shift that will change everything toward how you relate to your feelings, fear and ego! (Average Audio is 1 hour) 

15 Deepening Exercises: Learn how to call-out the false information your ego has been dishing out to you, receive your truth, and step into your power by taking action through these exercises designed to give you a transformational experience. 

F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Guidebook: The Mother Load of information, guidance and tools to shift you out of emotional stone ages to raising your emotional consciousness! This 145 page guidebook includes:

  • Journaling questions to ensure you get to the core of any blocks that stand between you and your ideal
  • Take-Action Exercises to gain hands-on experience to more readily move you forward on your path
  • Quick Reference Guide - When you are in the midst of feeling challenged with a feeling and are feeling pulled in, you will have this easily accessible guidance to turn to and remind you as to how to shift toward love rather than react in fear
  • Transcripts to each audio lesson - Do you like to listen and read at the same time? Do you want to go back and highlight information that specifically pertains to you? With the audio transcripts, you can enhance and more deeply engrain the F.E.E.L. process. 

"For weeks, I have literally been unable to move off the couch. Now I feel joy toward my life again!"

For weeks, I have literally been unable to move off the couch. When I read an article of Michelle's, I intuitively felt like she understood this state I was in. I took the leap and decided to purchase the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program. All it took was me listening to the first lesson and I began to feel my energy shift after weeks of feeling paralyzed. By the second lesson, my energy had completely shifted. I feel freed up, as I reengaged in my artistry, and feel joy toward my life again! I feel terrific, productive and very creative. Thank you Michelle for this work, I highly recommend this program! 

Cathy R. Writer, Florida Keys

"The F.E.E.L process is helping me to find a path to a happier, freer way of thinking and living my life."

I had been dealing with loss in various forms in my life, when I joined Michelle’s program. The F.E.E.L process is helping me to find a path to a happier, freer way of thinking and living my life. My husband and daughter will also benefit from this learning and I think that is a great gift that I can give them. Through this process I have found myself thinking less about what I have lost and instead reaching out more to people I am feeling a connection with. This has led me to create new, wonderful experiences within my relationships and I look forward to creating more! Thank you Michelle for this opportunity!! 

Allison Malone Canada 

Imagine having at your fingertips the information you need to be able to attain the energy, momentum and clarity to move forward with accessing your highest version of you whenever and wherever you want! PLUS...Add on learning how to recognize the gift to your feelings and fears in the moment, rather than waiting for days, weeks, even years to uncover your unconscious blocks that prohibit you from claiming more of your potential. The F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program is invaluable.  

Add to this already invaluable support program the following Bonuses and You'll see this is the only program created to ensure you are able to make the leap from your reality to your ideal!

Bonus #1: F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Roadmap  

In order to get to where you want to go, you need to clearly know where you are & why that is to plan out where you want to go. In this comprehensive guide, you will be mapping out eight specific areas that will enable you to generate the abundant, joy-filled, balanced life your heart desires. As you work through your lessons, this will be an invaluable source to keep you on track and clear as to what next steps you need to take.  

Value: $ 97

Bonus #2: Emotional Empowerment On The Go  

A one-of-a-kind program that shifts you from emotional overwhelm to greater emotional empowerment in 5 minutes or less! Whenever a negative feeling comes up, choose from a list of over 65 emotions that best matches how you feel and access guidance via video, audio, or pdf to shift your feelings from disempowerment to empowerment.  

Value: $ 197

"As far as I am concerned, F.E.E.L. is a gift from God... it is life-changing!"

Since learning the F.E.E.L. process, I’ve experienced breakthroughs & great experiences. One issue in particular had weighed on me for over 11 years. I wanted to address it, tried many times, but just could not get started. Thanks to learning the F.E.E.L. process, I got rid of my excuses, and finally felt the motivation and energy necessary to move forward. As far as I am concerned you are a gift from God just when I needed it. Now I know I have something that does work, and it is life-changing! Thank you so very much Michelle for sharing the F.E.E.L. process. 

Joan Barice, M.D. Physician Florida 

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself at this point: WOW! The F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program sounds like EXACTLY what I need to do for myself - And You're Right! It's going to be a life-changer. You're probably also wondering how much your investment in an incredibly supportive program that teaches material than no one else is sharing. So, let's take a look at that...  

It's important to state that the value of learning how to tap into the positive power of your negative emotions is PRICELESS. I'm sure you'll agree that because you have feelings all day long, every day for as long as you are living that being able to access the authentic energy and clarity you need to support you to co-create your ideal is invaluable.  

While others have invested over $2000 in this program, for a limited time, you can receive this program for only $997!  

Your Investment Includes...  

You get the entire course (Value $2000)  

Bonus Gift #1: FEEL Roadmap (Value $97) Bonus Gift #2: FEEL On the Go (Value $197)  

Total Program Value: $2,294  

Yours for only $997! or 2 payments of $547 each! 

Michelle, I Am Ready!  

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My Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

 I stand behind this program and your ability to reap AMAZING benefits from your participation!  

I want you to be 100% satisfied, enjoying participating in the F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love Virtual Mastery Home Study Program and I'm completely confident you will be. To remove any lingering doubt you have when making this decision, I want to offer you the following guarantee.  

Register today and if you are not completely satisfied with the content of this program after your first month and you have listened to the first five lessons and completed all assignments, then just send me a quick email and I'll refund your money right away.  

If you're not satisfied, I'll make it right. No questions asked. It's that simple. 

Michelle, I Am Ready!  

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**Upon Enrolling, You'll Receive an Email from Us Confirming Your Registration and then You Will Gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to ALL of Your Materials so You Can Get Started Making Profound Shifts in Your Life Right Away!

"I have catapulted to a new level of operating my business and a new dimension of living a fulfilled life!"

As an entrepreneur who is passionate about my work, I would also at times get weighed down by fears and responsibilities. Michelle has shown me how to tap into all of my feelings to see the spiritual guidance available to me at all times. Through the insight Michelle has shared, I have catapulted to a new level of operating my business and a new dimension of living a fulfilled life!  

Suzanne Monroe Founder & CEO, International Association of Wellness Professionals

"The F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Program helped me shift into a more peaceful & empowered person!"

Through learning the F.E.E.L. process, my awareness of emotions increased & I allowed the messages of the feeling to be revealed to me. Then I could decide how to go forward. This choice is powerful! I have been very involved in 'the man's world and way of being' and behaved like my feelings were better suppressed. I started to relate to my way of coping with the disappointments and sadness of my life. The F.E.E.L program supported my quest for understanding and growth. Thank you so much for helping me shift into a more peaceful and empowered person!  

Jane Houde Whistler, BC Canada 

"Michelle's F.E.E.L. Process is a brilliant way for us all to use our feelings as rocket fuel for transformation." 

Michelle's F.E.E.L (Feel Every Emotion as Love) Process is a brilliant way for us all to access the power of our emotional life and use our feelings as rocket fuel for transformation. Michelle is a masterful guide in helping us navigate emotional waters and authentically move closer to wholeness: such important work at this evolutionary time on the planet.  

Lisa Schrader Founder & CEO, Awakening Shakti

Michelle, I Am Ready!  

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Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is known as a Champion for Emotionally Sensitive People and is the founder of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. Bersell’s unique background as teacher, psychotherapist, author and speaker allows her to reach thousands around the world to the next generation of emotional intelligence to Emotional Empowerment™, which teaches how turn negative emotions into your greatest allies.  

Besides media attention including PBS, NBC, CBS, FOX, Women’s World magazine, and Parents magazine, Bersell was invited to speak at Harvard University at a Thought Leadership Conference, where she shared, in Ted Talk-style, why traditional psychology is failing women, especially those that consider themselves sensitive. Her latest book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies immediately became a #1 bestselling book upon it’s release and two weeks later was a featured gift at the Emmy Awards.  

After working with former pro-athletes, best-selling authors, music and film industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives, Bersell now trains other holistic practitioners on this transformative approach to true emotional empowerment.  

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