Remembering the Layers of Forgiveness

06.09.2013 in Uncategorized

Forgiveness is a big topic because there can be so many layers to forgiveness. You can think you have already forgiven and yet another layer comes through for you to address months, years, even decades later, in order for you to claim more of who…

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If I Only Knew….

21.08.2013 in Uncategorized

Not too long ago, I remember: Second guessing my every word I said.                                    Guilt weighing me down about not feeling like a good enough mom, daughter, friend etc…..

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Real Concern or Fear?

02.08.2013 in Uncategorized

Part I: Knowing the difference between whether it is fear or a real concern that’s holding you back. You know when you have a tough decision to make and you just can’t seem to get clear? You feel uncertain if you are allowing your fears…

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Imagine No More Emotional Shame

25.07.2013 in Uncategorized

I am so excited and a little nervous too because I will be giving my first sermon on Sunday at a beautiful Unitarian Church. The excited part of me is about sharing the vision of what is possible when we trust our negative emotions to…

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How to Build REAL Confidence!

17.06.2013 in Uncategorized

Real confidence builds through listening to your inner wisdom.  Period. When you allow your inner guiding to lead you, you are trusting in yourself.  The more you trust yourself, the greater confidence you feel. It makes sense then why so many struggle with confidence.  You…

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Exposing My Dark Side!

11.06.2013 in Uncategorized

I hate myself I am ugly – repulsive really I am boring – so f*cking boring Did I say I hate myself – yes, because… I am so lazy – F*cking lazy, still in my pj’s and ranting rather than doing my real work. I…

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